Question: How do I keep my awning clean?

Answer: Regular maintenance generally means a once-a-year cleaning, with additional care if stains or soil age appears. Your awning professional can help by offering a regular maintenance contract. Also, remember that your awning is an exterior product. In the same way you wouldn't leave your automobile outside without washing it for very long, you'll also need to clean your canvas awning to preserve and extend its good looks and service life.

Question: Will awnings reduce my air-conditioning costs?

Answer: Yes. Awnings conserve energy by shading windows and reducing indoor temperatures. Studies by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRE) have shown that awnings on windows and patio doors can reduce inside temperatures by as much as 8-15 degrees, depending on the exposure of the window, the color of the fabric and the style and method of attaching the awning. We only use ENERGY STAR windows."!

Question: Will awnings protect my furniture from fading?

Answer: Awnings, just as other interior window products, protect furniture, floors and carpets from fading caused by harsh sun rays. However, unlike interior products, awnings give the added benefit of energy savings by reducing the solar radiation through glass windows and doors.

Question: Will my awning protect me from the sun's harmful rays?

Answer: Not only does an awning protect you from the sun, but it also protects you from the other natural elements, such as rain and snow. In certain configurations, awnings can also protect you from wind. As in many shade options, the amount of protection from the sun's harmful ultra violet rays would be determined by the type and color of the fabric. Your Professional Awning Manufacturer can help you meet your requirements, through the proper fabric selection.

Question: If there are no poles, what supports the unit?

Answer: Retractable awnings have been designed to be self-supporting. This style of awning relies on secure mounting in conjunction with spring-loaded arms. The arm tension is created with internal springs, and large radius elbows keep the fabric tight by applying outward force.

Question: Why would I want my retractable awning motorized?

Answer: Nothing could be more convenient than simply flipping a switch and watching your awning roll out on its own. Once fully extended or retracted, the unit will stop automatically. You may also stop the retractable in any position with the wall-mounted switch. Research has shown that a motorized awning is used four times as much as a manual unit.

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